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Guide: Netlify-to-Discord notifications

Discord is a great way to get Netlify notifications! I set up my own private server to collect notifications with my open source projects.

There’s an official guide to set up GitHub notifications on Discord, but I like using it too for other things like monitoring Netlify deployments. Here's how I got it set up.

Screenshot: Discord notifications

Solution: webhooks

Discord supports any Slack-compatible webhook. I used this to set up send Netlify notifications to Discord using Slack’s webhook format.

Step 1: Create a webhook in Discord

In Discord’s channel settings, go to “Integrations” and select “Create Webhook”. In the next screen, use “Copy Webhook URL” to copy the URL.

Screenshot: integrations settings on Discord

Screenshot: creating a webhook

Step 2: Site settings in Netlify

Under Netlify’s “Site settings”, go to “Build & deploy” → “Deploy notifications”.

Screenshot: Netlify site settings

Step 3: Add a notification

Under the “Outgoing notifications” section, click the “Add notification” button.

Screenshot: adding notifications

Step 4: Choose Slack integration

In the dropdown, select “Slack integration.” (Yes, select “Slack” even if it’s Discord!)

Screenshot: the “add notification” dropdown

Step 5: Add the URL

Paste the webhook URL and add /slack to the end. Don’t forget to change the “Event to listen for” dropdown.

Screenshot: creating a new Slack integration

All done!

New notifications should now show up on Discord.

Screenshot: Discord notifications

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