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Abstract away the boring stuff

Computer science is often about creating abstractions to simplify complex problems and make them more manageable. Abstractions are simplified representations of complex systems or concepts that allow us to reason about them more easily.

Computer programming languages are abstractions that allow us to write complex instructions for computers in a way that's easier for humans to understand. E.g. operating systems and software frameworks provide abstractions that enable us to develop complex applications.

Abstractions are used in computer hardware design, such as in the development of computer processors and memory systems. These abstractions allow hardware designers to create efficient and powerful systems by simplifying the underlying complexities.

The key benefit of an abstraction is that it allows developers to reason about complex systems at a higher level of abstraction. This can make it easier to understand and work with those systems. Establishing reusable components and libraries can improve productivity and reduce development time.

The Nitric framework is a cloud-native development platform that provides a set of abstractions and tools to simplify the development of cloud-based applications. By creating an abstraction layer, Nitric makes it easier for developers to focus on building their applications rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

One of the key benefits of Nitric is that it provides a great developer experience. Developers can use Nitric to build serverless functions, APIs, and other cloud-based applications using familiar programming languages and tools like typescript or python. Nitric abstracts away many of the complexities of building and deploying cloud applications.

Nitric provides a consistent and portable development experience across different cloud providers. Developers can use Nitric to build applications that can run on any cloud platform, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This means that developers can choose the cloud provider that best suits their needs and leverage a number of other features that make it a powerful tool for cloud development, including support for containerization, automatic scaling, and integration with popular tools like Git and CI/CD pipelines.

By removing many of the complexities of building and deploying cloud applications, Nitric allows developers to focus on what they do best: writing high-quality code and delivering value to their customers.

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