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Scale your node.js app to zero

Paying for full-time servers for applications that go through usage spikes and troughs? Seems like a waste of money and energy.

Apps built with node.js frameworks like Express or KOA can easily be exposed as functions available to the public via API Gateways that have been correctly configured for security and scale with the Nitric CLI.

Rather than relying on dedicated servers that run continuously, Nitric provisions the necessary resources only when your functions are triggered by incoming requests. This architecture eliminates the need to manage and maintain full-time servers, freeing you from the overhead and enabling scale.

Nitric provisions auto-scaling resources in the cloud so you can concentrate on writing code and building features. This streamlined development workflow saves you time and effort, enabling faster iterations and enhancing your overall productivity.

Try it out with a simple guide or jump straight to an example project with KOA or Express.

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