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Teams spend too much time on infra.

The Nitric team has been out there, meeting with tech leaders to understand challenges with developer experience and productivity.

One of the most severe pain points we've discovered is that projects take 2-3 times longer than expected, leaving teams feeling like they're trapped in quicksand. The confidence to release new features on demand? - About as solid as a house of cards in a windstorm.

To dive deeper, we asked a loaded question: "We think it's around 20%, but how much time do your teams spend debugging and configuring their runtime environment (infrastructure)?"

The response was surprisingly honest. While they couldn't provide an exact percentage, it often exceeded 50%. More than half of their time was wasted battling infrastructure gremlins, which, at a glance, could be mistaken for "debugging code."

Ideally, the time spent on infrastructure tasks should be low, especially with an ops or platform team. However, in the real world, as an engineering leader, I understand that some level of debugging is inevitable. With that said, I'd still aim for a modest maximum of 10%.

We've shifted everything left, resulting in an overwhelming workload for developers and a loss of productivity. It's high time for disruption to this mode of operation.

That's where Nitric steps in. We can help you automate the toil associated with delivering software into the cloud and create a healthy and thriving environment for your developers.

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