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Two Projects That Helped Me Get My First Dev Job

rsanchezp profile image Raúl Sánchez ・1 min read


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Frontend: React.js, Redux, & Styled-Components
Backend: MongoDB & Node.js


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Frontend: React.js, & Redux
Backend: MongoDB & Node.js

What I Learned

These projects taught me so much. It was the first time I built full-stack apps on my own. Throughout the projects I learned the importance of reading documentation. For example, when I started on RemoteInterns I had no idea how I was going to scrape sites like and LinkedIn. Along the way I faced challenges that I felt were impossible for me a beginner to solve. One particular challenge that gave me immense happiness when I solved was figuring out the search mechanism the site was going to use. Another important thing I learned was that the more you practice the better you get. I know you hear this all the time, but really, practicing and coding everyday really made my React skills improve.

My Advice

Plan on adding projects to your resume that you know will be out of your comfort zone. This will push you to learn new technologies. Also, don't overlook the documentation. I know it's tempting to browse StackOverflow in hopes of finding the exact answer to your problem, but reading the documentation is not so bad, and is a skill within itself.

Please feel free to ask any questions. I know the it's a struggle to get that first job so keep on working hard.

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