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Rogério Sampaio de Almeida
Rogério Sampaio de Almeida

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A cool new progress bar for python!


I'm the author of alive-progress, a new kind of Progress Bar for python like you've never seen, with real time throughput, eta and very cool animations!

It's also very easy to use and feature-packed, take a look!


There's a plethora of builtin spinner styles to choose from!


And you can easily create your own, there's builtin support for several special effects like frames, scrolling, bouncing, delayed and compound spinners! Get creative!

Also bar styles!


To install, just:

$ pip install alive-progress
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That's it, you're good to go!

More details in alive-progress, enjoy!

Kind Regards,

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Waylon Walker

This look sick! for years I have used tqdm. recently I stole the source of pipx for a couple of small projects. I really like its dancing dot animation and the context manager approach. Your ascii animations are killer! I will definitely be using this one.

rsalmei profile image
Rogério Sampaio de Almeida

Thank you man! Appreciated!
Yeah, the context manager approach is not only visually good, but also useful! It allows you to call bar() just when you want, not necessarily in all iterations! So you can count at the same time the total and "broken" items, or "ok" items, so at the end you nicely get a receipt of "4800/5000", giving you more information than tqdm ever could.

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Berkay Girgin

Wow this looks so cool, thanks for sharing !

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Swastik Baranwal

This looks very good! Well done!

jaht1989 profile image
Arturo Herrera 🐍

It's amazing 👍

esafb52 profile image
Masiha Ahmadi


autoferrit profile image
Shawn McElroy

Now this is a keeper. Well done!

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goodgodth profile image
Ar-ruk Kachen

That's good

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