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What is coming in the pending React 18 update?

I was curious what the contents of React 18 were likely to be, so I read a few suggested articles, and here is another plain language breakdown to try to help clarify.

React 18:

  • Not much new official information since June
  • As a reaction to feedback to React 16 concurrency plans, a more turnkey update with individual concurrency architectural improvements instead of concurrency "mode"
  • Change of the root API in App.tsx to allow piecemeal upgrades of react versions
  • Performance: batching of state updates
  • Performance: Optimizations to speed for Server Side Rendering
  • usage API mostly stays the same
  • ordering in sequence so things show up in sequence after lazy loading
  • (mostly better useEffect debugging, maybe comes for free with react dev server)
  • Likely low-difficulty to upgrade from React 17 to React 18 again.

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