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[DEV] AGE 16 with Postgres 16


The following blog is for AGE developers

In the following post I will introduce you to a starter guide for PG-16 project. I am currently starting as well and got into some troubles I would like to save your time from getting into there.

Firstly we are going to work in making Postgresql v16 beta compatible with our AGE extension; That is our goal.

THE SCRIPT to get started read comments carefully :

# Download
# Extract
tar zxf postgresql-16beta1.tar.bz2
# Get into the postgresql directory
cd postgresql-16beta1
# Make sure there is no postgresql servers are opened
pkill postgres
# start the installation
# packages needs for pg16
sudo apt install pkg-config
sudo apt install libicu-dev
# make sure your bison version is above 3.2
bison --version
# if below upgrade it
sudo apt remove bison
sudo apt install bison
# recheck
bison --version
./configure --prefix=$(pwd) --enable-cassert --enable-debug
make install
mkdir data
chown $(whoami) ./data
./bin/initdb -D ./data
bin/pg_ctl -D ./data -l logfile start
./bin/createdb test
./bin/psql test
export PG_PATH=$(pwd)
cd ..

# Install age 
git clone
git checkout PG16
make install PG_CONFIG=$(PG_PATH)/bin/pg_config
make installcheck PG_CONFIG=$(PG_PATH)/bin/pg_config
# you will get some errors don't worry that would be our work solving them

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Have a nice day :)


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