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AGE PG15/16 New updates


This post aims to keep the state of the project up to date with the participant and the other interns on the pg15-16 team.

Split up

Currently the team has split up to perform the following tasks

  • Keep working on pg16
  • Merging PG14 to dev/PG15 by hands (I've joined to)
  • Solving issues from AGE


Our mission is to merge the code that is currently on the branch of the PL PG14 starting from that into the dev/PG15 so that we create a new more robust release of PG15

What's wrong with the current on?

The current one has been started from an alpha branch not the actual PG14 branch so that it misses some parts and features that is not included during the merging phase so that we are asked for making new merging

How to accomplish that

  • Standard merging using git (will not allow the collaborative spiting the project between the team members)

  • Standard files merging and getting the difference between each of them using diff command, it is suggested by the PL

How can we split the project

I have create a simple suggestions that to be on the level of directories and each one will be responsible for some part of the code and then we all merge it together on a branch of one of us and then make another PR to the main dev/PG15 branch

Proposed split

  • regression will be only the same as dev/PG15 [complete replace without merge]
  • Non src directories (tools, .github, docker-entrypoint-initdb.d)
  • Top level files (configurations and any file exits on /age parent directory
  • drivers directory
  • src/ (catalog, commands) & /include related files
  • src/executor & /include related files
  • src/nodes and src/optimizer & /include related files
  • src/parser & /include related files
  • src/utils/cache & src/utils/load & /include related files
  • src/utils/adt (large directory) & /include related files

That is only a suggestions I am going to discuss with the team and the PL.

I have created a GitHub project for it:


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