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10 Reasons Why to use Apache AGE alongside PostgreSQL

Apache AGE

AGE is an extension for PostgreSQL that allows you to run graph queries using the Cypher query language, which is commonly used in graph databases like Neo4j.
It is built by Bitnine Global Inc.


  1. Open-source: You can look into the code and take part into that and contribute with your ideas and suggestions.

  2. JSONability: Apache AGE is designed to work efficiently with PostgreSQL, it uses JSONB in the properties of the vertices or edges.

  3. Comparability: AGE is a PostgreSQL extension which allows you also working with other extensions freely.

  4. Single Container for the structured data and non structured data (Graph database alongside SQL).

  5. If you know Neo4j, you don't need to learn much, you already familiar with the OpenCypher.

  6. Security: You are behaving in back of PostgreSQL which is robust enough and well maintained.

  7. Community (Apache Project): Both PostgreSQL and Apache AGE have active and supportive communities, which can provide resources and support as you explore graph databases (We use Discord).

  8. Enterprise support: If you are a company and looking for support solutions are provided by Bitnine.

  9. Cloud solutions support by the company.

  10. Easy to install :)


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