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Discussion on: Directions and roadmaps

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Raunak Ramakrishnan • Edited

Hi Paul,

I signed up for the beta and tried out the tutorial. I also had a look at the create a blog tutorial canvas. Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Signing up required an additional click to Reset password flow. Is it possible to send the reset password link in the welcome mail itself?
  2. Really liked the documentation and the getting started tutorial.
  3. When I create an entity in DB e.g A (id int, val text) there can be an option to auto-generate the CRUD methods for it
  4. I liked the Copy as CURL option for the non-GET methods. Is it possible to fill it (for POST body json) with either randomly generated dummy data or a user-specified default data?
  5. This is mostly a personal preference, but I generally approach an API design in a data-first manner i.e I play around with the schema (if using relational DB) before I start work on the endpoints. So the trace driven development was a new thing for me.
    • Is it possible to create a "span" of traces e.g (from an e-commerce perspective) - user creates a product, uploads product image, updates a collection (e.g "Trending") with that product, uploads a deal (buy one get one) for the product. This kind of span where 1st request creates a product-id and later requests use them is especially useful for quick end-to-end testing
    • Building on the e-commerce example from previous point, I noticed that we cannot yet create a user defined sum type e.g Product state of ( Uploaded | Inventory Int | OutOfStock | Deleted ). is there any other way to manage the product state machine in a type safe way?
  6. I did not understand the gray "v5" in REPL for making the HTTP request. Is that an internal versioning of the Standard library? I initially thought the function itself had a v5 suffix and it was being suggested by the auto complete.
  7. Is there a comparison with some of the low code / no code tools like Hasura?
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Paul Biggar Author

Thanks for the thoughtful writeup! Planning on fixing 1, 3, 4 and 5. I'll take a look at how to simplify 6 also!

I really like the idea of a span of traces. Also, will be adding enums in the future, those are really important for exactly the reason you state!

There isn't really a comparison with low code, as it's not really intended for the same audience. Will think about it though.