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Discussion on: How I chose my Code Editor

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Talking about editors is like one of those uncomfortable dinner table conversations at your parent's house. :)

I like to give everything a fair shake before I settle on anything and as such, I came to pretty much the same conclusion as you; VSC, as it stands right now, is in a sweet spot for me. However, it could very easily turn into a bloated, steaming turd if it evolves (devolves) beyond its lightweight, humble roots. Time will tell.

As many have commented below, I am also a fan of Vim, and my choice of whether I use VSC or Vim boils down to what I am doing. If I'm working a lot from the command line and doing some quick scaffolding or changes, Vim works great for me. For nose-to-the-grindstone programming, I feel more comfortable in VSC. I imagine that if I really took the time to up my Vim game, and learned more about customizing and extending Vim, I would use it more because the inner-minimalist in me appreciates a tool that gets out of the way.

Thank you for sharing.