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re: What Does Your IDE/Code Editor Look Like? VIEW POST


My editor

  • VS Code (although I sometimes open Vim in the integrated terminal #yolo)
  • Fira Code
  • An Old Hope Theme
  • Zsh (although Bash and Powershell are pretty consistently in the rotation)
  • I have very strong love for ligatures

Also, I keep the Panda theme in rotation too!

Panda theme


Hi, are you using Windows? If yes, how did you manage to install zsh? Thanks in advance :)


If you’re on Windows 10, you can install Windows Subsystem Linux which is like a little mini Ubuntu or Debian (or some others) that live inside your windows install and play nicely. Vs code has a remote sessions extension that lets you use vs code as if you were inside that mini Linux, but with your Windows file system. It’s pretty great. If this isn’t quite enough detail, shoot me a DM here on DEV and I can help you get it set up! 😁


do you actually like powershell, or do you just use it because windows?


I think it’s a neat idea! It puts object oriented programming into the command line, which is cool. I’m usually more quick/productive in Bash-y environments, but I enjoy powershell. It’s a gazillion times better than windows older command line environment.

For me it takes the worst parts of a shell and a scripting language and combines them on top of some .net layer

I've written a bunch of scripts at work and I still despise it

I wrote this post about it! I don’t know if it helps you, but it explains a bit better why I like it 😁

If you are stuck in a corporate windows build without a linux subsystem you can run Git Bash as the VS Code terminal

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