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re: We need better cover images 😂

I was kind of hoping that the magical resizing was an automated resizing thing that happens and not one of you guys fixing it for me. I can actually put a background on it and scale it. What are the optimal dimensions? Is the white text on black ok or should I come up with something more fancy? I have very little aesthetic skill, so I’d appreciate any suggestions you or anyone else has.


Ryan, do you want me to design something? The only hard part is that I probably won't be up at midnight most nights to add specifics. Do you have any design software? If so, I can transfer you a file! We could also use Canva.

That would be amazing! I have a Figma account, but that’s it. I’ve never heard of Canva and pretty sure I don’t have any design software, but if you tell me the best way to handle it, I’ll happily do whatever you suggest. I’m happy to learn.

Cool -- sending you a DM via /connect!

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