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Ryan Palo
Ryan is an engineer in the Sacramento Area with a focus in Python, Ruby, and Rust. Bash/Python Exercism mentor. Coding, physics, calculus, music, woodworking. Message me on DEV!
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Hi! It's been almost four weeks since my last blog post, so I need to write something to keep things flowing. This will just be an update on what's been going on and what's coming up.

So Far This Year

This year, my wife and I have tried to set some concrete goals for ourselves and stick to them. It's working out well so far, but it's definitely making it harder to juggle everything at once. We've joined a gym and an East Bay community basketball league, trying to be more active. As it turns out, when you burn a lot of energy exercising, it leaves you with less motivation to do things like write blog posts and code after work. Hence the situation I now find myself in. But, I find that as I get more used to doing less Netflix and video games, I'm getting more used to being productive by default.

I've joined the CodeNewbie Challenge 2018, which is a guided, community-based process of meeting coding goals in 2018.

CNC 2018, because this year will be different

There are four tracks: Start Coding, Code More, Blog More, and Get a Job. I'm working on the Code More goal and trying to schedule out some milestones and tasks in order to make progress and actually finish some side-projects. Already, working on my projects has really helped me learn more and dig deeper into Ruby, and it's starting to rain blog post ideas.

Also, I submitted a talk proposal to Deconstruct Conference, so… fingers crossed!

Coming Up

Another reason that I haven't had a post come out recently is that I've been working on something pretty big that should come out in the next couple of days. I'll be sure to share a link to it when it does.

Update 2/5/18: I guest-published a post on Simple Programmer! Getting Things Done: A Productivity Guide for Programmers is up on their site now. (Image courtesy of Simple Programmer)

Getting Things Done Banner

Lastly, I wanted to share some of the blog post ideas that I've got now that I want to work on.

  • Closures - why they are more useful and interesting than you think

  • My Compiler Can Beat Me Up

  • Teaching the Art of Stepping Through Code

  • I Discovered Bullet Journaling and It's Neat

  • Powershell is Awesome Once You Get the Basics

  • Building a CLI with Clamp

  • Demystifying Building a Gem with Bundler: Load Paths, Require Statements, and Running Scripts

Let me know if any of these topics are more interesting to you than any of the others and I'll know which ones to prioritize. Good things are coming!

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Glad you and your wife are being active and exercising! As developers we're not always very attentive about our health...

btw: I vote for Closures and the Art of Stepping Through Code :-)

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