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Discussion on: Suggest me the best way to learn PHP?

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Romina Suarez

[practical book with code examples and guidelines] this looks great, from a quick check. It takes you through all the basics, and then from there you will be able to decide more specifically depending on what you want to build, going through tutorials for X or Y this site in general seems pretty good, so maybe it's a good reference/handbook to keep handy as well !

[video tutorial] In case you also like video this is video may be a helpful guideline to get started. It's a little old (2016) but a lot of the basics will still be useful.

Depending on what path you want to take next (CMSs, frameworks, integrations you may want) you will probably benefit from specialized courses and content, but learning the basics first is always a good thing !

Of course, the PHP manual is always a handy resource as well (, as is .

Good luck !

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Toqeer Abbas Author

Thanks so much....