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Discussion on: Code Notes, an open source code snippet manager to increase our productivity! πŸš€

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make all your snippets as gists?

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Laurent Thiebault πŸš€ Author

Yes rouzbeh, you're right πŸ‘Œ

As a workaround, you can also check notes and settings are in the "userData" directory of this application:

  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10: C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\code-notes
  • Mac OS X El Capitan: Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/code-notes
  • Linux: /home/[username]/.config/code-notes

Inside this folder, you will have notes.db and settings.db. So, you would be able to copy/paste those files in another computer. (Import/Export is a current feature request in our issues ☺️

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If You Guys Add an Import/Export Function, You Might As Well Finish It Up With a Sync Feature. Google Drive or Dropbox ;)