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Pegasus, everything you need to know

Even if you listen news for 10 mins a day , you must heard about a software Pegasus and it's hacking through WhatsApp call.

In this article I will be sharing everything about Pegasus. Stay here.

Pegasus, is not a new thing . Pegasus is a product of a company named NSO , an Israel based Company.
NSO made this legally because NSO(Niv ,Shalev and Omri Groups) is responsible for making softwares for surveillance .


Of course this is not for common man. , NSO sell this to Govt Intelligence agencies only .

Basically, it uses some codes which comes to your phone and takes root access of your mobile and then self destruts itself and you won't know it was present earlier or not.

But how it will take root access of phone so easily ?

Ans - No onw knows it except the company NSO and the intelligent agencies who have access to this.

Basically these type of attacks in phone caused by exploiting securities vulnerabilities .

Suppose , I made an android app and I have done something with the help of it I have access to read and write on your SD CARD.
And suppose a Signal comes to your phone through my App and this signal will execute that particular script which have access to Read and Write on your SD CARD.


If this comes to your memory and copied everything in the memory then copied code have power to delete the original code.

Let us see an example :

I opened VS CODE and created a file named ""
So in my PC it's visible in the folder.
See the screenshot (Image 1)

Then I had written a simple Python code :


After running it , my file "" has been deleted from the folder.


How it will enter ?
May be due to vulnerability in the app or in android.

So, always be aware when you are using a new link from unknown sites / sources .

Go for two factor authentication for Gmail , Instagram , Facebook , Twitter etc.

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