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Rounit Ranjan Sinha
Rounit Ranjan Sinha

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DevBytes - A place to scroll like Instagram to learn tech

While talking about the field of software engineering and while writing codes, the best practice is not about WHAT to search on Google but it's HOW to Google.
Many times, we search something on Google, and we get trillion of articles with millions of words.
But when you go through that article from top to bottom, then you got to know that only one paragraph is useful for you. So, for that one para which would take about 20-30s to read, you already have wasted 10mins of your time to read that whole article.

But what will happen if you get that useful paragraph at one place. For whatever you search, only useful content will pop out, so you might be thinking you have to hire people to provide these filters?

No Relax, DevBytes made it easy.
Because of that scroll addiction of Instagram Reels in people out there in the world(basically, addiction of consuming more valuable content in less time).

While searching for some app like inshorts( which gives news in 60 words only ) for coding and tech info (new innovations, new additions in industry etc.) and coding tutorials. I found DevBytes. The features in it forced me to download it quickly. Now I am able to save much of my time on Google because I get everything in crisp and short form in a single app.

DevBytes is full of awesome features, but what I found most useful are:

1) Awesome AutoScroll feature:

  • If you don't want to swipe, just ok, this app will handle it. After few seconds cards will automatically be swiped up.

Image description

2) Search Feature - make it more accessible.

  • One can easily search anything and everything to get short and crisp solution for any question.

Image description

3) Job Section:

  • After searching and reading & after taking many tutorials, now you don't want to read and learn only, you want to learn and earn too. You can apply through DevBytes app itself. While scrolling you will get this motivation:

Image description

4) Crypto Widgets:

  • Now as you are earning too, you want to invest in crypto So, DevBytes presents you with Crypto rates.

Image description

5) Theme:

  • After searching, scrolling, learning, reading, investing you get bored with one theme, so you can switch between "DARK" & "LIGHT" themes.

Best thing about DevBytes is that, It is trusted by more than 100k learners(100k+ downloads on PlayStore)

Try once to enhance your productivity.


And One thing is similar in " and DevBytes" is that you can share valuable articles, like this, to your friends and community.

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Madhuban Khatri

Hi Rounit,
I like your post. I also write blogs on DEV.
You can check them.
If you like my blogs then please share them.

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Rounit Ranjan Sinha

Sure brother!
You write awesome blogs
Keep it up!