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Keycloak: Configure Realm Email Settings (Gmail)

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Keycloak requires email configuration to

  • verify email address of user
  • allow user to set own password


Assign email address to admin account

Use Keycloak Account Management to add email address in Personal Info
The below steps work for Keycloak 13 but UI may change with time

  • Login to Keycloak Security Admin Console using admin credentials
  • Click admin name shown in the top right corner
  • Click Manage account
  • Click Personal Info
  • Enter email address

Configure Email Settings

  • Open a realm
  • Under Realm Settings > Email the following details will work for a Gmail account
    • Host:
    • Port: 587 (for SSL, use 465)
    • From: admin-email-address
    • Enable StartTLS: On (for SSL, use Enable SSL)
    • Enable Authentication: On
    • Username: username
    • Password: password

Configure Gmail

If the admin account is a Gmail account, the below steps are required


Keycloak REST API for Managing Users

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