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Greetings netizens. I'm just another one. An article about prog.lang names origins brought me on board. A funny fact is that while I see everyone commenting on how hard it is to pick the right name for the right project, naming things from rpg characters, and enterprise-grade branding to exotic militech gear and dlt projects, is something I highly enjoy.


Welcome Ross! I’m looking forward to seeing the names you come up with for your own projects.


Some of the interesting would be:
IntelOps: Greek UAV and smart city applications startup.
Remote Influence: Electronic Music Label
NCD (Noise Cloaking Device): DARPAxThales Group project (name speaks)

Some of my music projects use the following monikers:
Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress (ITPDWIP)
Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI)
Agent 00 All
Shenzhen Electronic Payments Authority (S.E.P.A.)

Got a bunch of names / concepts for future startups, but not willing to share them at the moment :$
One of them would be:
ΠΕΚΑΔΜ (Πρότυπη Εταιρεία Καταγραφής Διαχωρικών Μεταβολών) (Data Science)
ARPA Spatial Industries (Hi-Tech R&D)
Bend Systems (Anachronistic intel exchange protocols)


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