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Roshad Guerrier
Roshad Guerrier

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Struggling between Web Development and Android Development

To be clear I don't hate Web Dev but I'm struggling between going down the path of a Web Developer or an Android Developer, but everywhere I look, everyone is a web developer. When looking for a job all the requirements describe skills that are commonly associated with a web developer role despite the title saying Software Developer, all the developer communities I visit are filled with web developers and web dev topics, anything else is non-existent, and when I go looking into resources for learning the Web Development courses and paths are much more well-supported than other fields.

I want to be a mobile app developer but I feel like I should be a web developer first than branch out to other fields. It would be much easier to ingratiate myself into the community, find resources and I could even use the web dev skills to make mobile apps or apps outside of the web. Should I stick with becoming an Android Developer or should I go down the Web Development Path?

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Johnny Navarro

How about a mix of both? There are mobile app development tools that are based on web development skills and "languages". React Native for example, you can build apps for both Android and iOS at the same time by using React.js which is a web framework. In React Native you can also include native Java or Swift code if you want. There's also Ionic which allows you to build mobile apps based on React, Angular or plain JavaScript. The possibilities are endless. Unless you wish to work directly and only with Java/Kotlin, there's no other reason you couldn't just build mobile apps with something like React Native or Ionic tbh. Good luck!

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