Tutorial: A Gatsby Photo Blog Powered by Flickr

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Fixing a bug on my open source project: From start to finish.

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#discussDo you think ageism in tech is improving?

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Debugging in JavaScript for Beginners: How I approach things.

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#discussIf you work as a dev for a product team, what's it like?

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#watercoolerWomen in tech: Being a developer and a mom πŸ€ͺ

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#showdevMore experiments with form animations βœ…

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Draft.js: Simple Content Manipulation

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On being a dev team manager: Lessons learned from different managers I have had

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Draft.js introduction: Custom styles (highlighted text!) and have formatting buttons show whether they are β€œon” or β€œoff”

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Draft.js: Common Questions and Answers

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Rich text editing on the web: Formatting text and keyboard shortcuts in Draft.js

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#showdevPlaying with CSS animation in 30 minute increments

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Git alias trick: Comparing your local branch to the upstream version

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