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Getting started with Azure IOT and the MXchip

Azure IOT central with MX kit

Azure IoT Central is an IoT app platform that reduces the burden and cost associated with developing, managing, and maintaining enterprise-grade IoT solutions. Choosing to build with Azure IoT Central gives you the opportunity to focus your time, money, and energy on transforming your business with IoT data, rather than just maintaining and updating a complex and continually evolving IoT infrastructure.

The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to monitor device conditions, create rules, and manage millions of devices and their data throughout their life cycle. Furthermore, it enables you to act on device insights by extending IoT intelligence into line-of-business applications.

The development kit provides a smart hardware solution. It is compatible with Arduino with abundant peripherals and sensors. AZ3166 could be used for the development of IoT and smart hardware prototype, making it continent to verify the software and function of users. Product could connect to Azure and mobile phone fast and safely. With AZ3166, customers could cut down the period of research. AZ3166 has software and hardware and would be supported with developer community, including development kit and demo for quick connection to cloud service. Control and operation could be obtained by mobile phone or tablet.

Main control unit AZ3166 is EMW3166---a low power consumption Wi-Fi module developed by MXCHIP. With DAP Link emulator and 128x64 OLED and other resources such as LED light. The development kit has audio processing unit to connect to Azure for voice recognition and voice play. Others include sensors and extended interface.



• EMW3166 Wi-Fi module with 256K SRAM,1M+2M Byte SPI Flash

• DAP Link emulator

• Micro USB

• 3.3V DC-DC, maximum current 1.5A

• Codec, with microphone and earphone socket

• OLED, 128x64

• 2 user button

• 1 RGB light

• 3 working status indicator

• Security encryption chip

• Infrared emitter

• Connecting finger extension interface

Users would have the account of Azure website by using AZ3166 to have the access to visit developer support services website including data and SDK, community and how to use the software application interface from MXCHIP to connect to other clouds


Getting started with IOT Central:

Connecting your device


Remote Monitoring


Translation with Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Maps and IOT location


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