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re: This looks really interesting! I'm really impressed with how you setup Ruby within a gui. Am I correct that you are gluing ImGUI with mRuby togeth...

Yep, ImGUI and MRuby. Right now the Ruby VM triggers on events from the render loop, yes. Similar to how a Ruby VM is idle with Rails until a request comes in. No plans on ticking the VM outside the render loop right now, I'm sure I'll hit some reasons for that soon.

No code publicly yet. This was the results of three days of hacking without knowing anything about what I was getting into in any front. By that I mean the first time I cloned ImGUI, mruby, building, and start gluing. It's extremely fragile at the moment, the vulkan renderer is barely functional and the whole thing crashes with the right Ruby incantation. Once I have more direction and start shoring up the exploratory code I'll put it somewhere.

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