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Messaging and social network features SDK. What do you think?

Quick intro: MySocialApp is a library that brings social network features to any apps in a few hours instead of months.

Here the main features:

Full features documentation is here

Code example:

// message with user mention + hash tag
String message = "Hello, my name is [[user:" + myProfile.getId() + "]] this is a post with an image and #hashtag :)";

// build message
FeedPost post = new FeedPost.Builder()
        .setMessage(message) // add text message
        .setImage(new File("/tmp/my_image.jpg")) // add image
        .setVisibility(AccessControl.PUBLIC) // set post visible from all

// publish post on public feed
Feed feed = session.getNewsFeed().create(post);

// like the post

// build comment
CommentPost comment = new CommentPost.Builder()
        .setMessage("Here a comment") // add comment message
        .setImage(new File("/tmp/my_image.jpg")) // add comment image

// comment the post
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Here a quick demo of an app at 100% with MySocialApp API

Why should you use MySocialApp?

  1. Add social features to any app in a few hours instead of months
  2. API integration with your services (Web hook, Web socket, Push APNs + FCM, RESTful)
  3. Focus on what makes your app unique and save a lot of time


We support 3 languages (Java, Swift, Kotlin) and 2 frameworks (iOS, Android) at the moment. We will support 8 languages + 5 frameworks at the end of the year.


What is your opinion about this service? Is this something you could need in the near or distant future? Your feedback is essential to me. Thank you

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