GitHub Projects or Trello? What is your thing?

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As you most probably know, GitHub has now the feature called Projects which is pretty much a competitor to Trello boards, from the first glance. I'd like to ask the DEV community which one do you prefer to use for managing your projects and why? What benefits one of them has over another one?
Thank you for your opinions and have a productive week!

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I worked with Trello for a while and was very happy with it because it is platform independent. This makes it easier to work with people who don't have direct GitHub access, such as graphic artists and designers.

Personally, however, I am currently more inclined towards
The reason for this is the provision of 'organizations' as a superstructure and a project-specific overview via a dashboard.


Thank you for the feedback! This is right, github is a platform for devs mainly and if a team has non-dev people involved in the project it might be a strong reason for choosing Trello.
I've never heard about, it's time to check it out...


It is relatively young in terms of duration and they are very open to feedback. So I could achieve through my feedback that they allow and display checkboxes for the descriptions of the tasks as markdowns. And this within a few days.


Clubhouse is awesome for software projects. It's similar to Pivotal Tracker, but the UI is nicer.

They no longer have a free plan (except for those of us who got grandfathered in), but the price is manageable and I'd recommend it for a team.

For personal stuff, I mostly use Things. Or a gitignore'd todo.txt. I'm one person, and can only do one thing at a time. So tracking progress in a more granular way doesn't have much value for me. I just need somewhere to write down future tasks.


Thank you for such an extensive reply! Need to check these tools out...


I' ve been using Glow Boads and it's amazing. There are a few features missing, but they ship updates in a regular basis


Did you mean Glo Boards from Git Kraken? I used to use their git client some time ago but I 've never seen their boards (probably didn't exist at that time)... It must be having a beautiful interface!


beautiful interface? you bet! it's really amazing and, as now GK uses tabs, it opens in a new tab!


I use GitKraken daily and would love to start using Glo boards, if only it synced with Github Projects. It syncs with Issues, but I want visitors to my project to be able to view the project boards directly on Github while I manage it all from Glo.


Glo just recently created the option to make a board public, so you can share the board directly if you wanted to!


that's true, it would be awesome to have github/gitlab integration to manage boards on either platform


For work we have dived completely into using GitHub Projects. Only the developers use this as we have to work with a bunch of different teams using different requirements trackers. Reasons we've dived into GitHub Projects include:

  • Project Board Automations: the ability to have issues and pull requests automatically move based on whether it's been closed, reopened or PR changes requested was a huge draw card for our team.
  • Multi Repo Boards at an Organisation Level: you can have multi repo boards if they are part of an organisation (so either paying for the Teams subscription or an Open Source organisation).
  • Tagging Issues and PRs across multiple Project Boards: this is an interesting one to explain. For our actual "projects" we have going, we have really "thin" project boards. These thin project boards are completely driven by automations so no user interaction required. These thin project boards are just used to track project completion and where the requirement is driven from. We then have our Development Team board which all the developers work from as we track all our work through the development process.
  • Using Milestones for Release Tracking: we follow a consistent milestone naming convention across repos (the date). This allows us to filter our team board to identify when we are planning for things to go out.

For the volunteer work I do I make use of Trello and its GitHub integration. Trello was the best for being able to have back and forth conversations with the staff who weren't technical users / developers. Trello having a mobile app was also a huge win in encouraging adoption with the staff.


Such detailed feedback! Thank you very much for this! I think a lot of people here will find it very useful. Using GitHub Pages for dev teams makes even more sense for me now...


To manage the overall project, not "only" the technical part, I like to use Asana. Specially when the information have to be shared across people with different background and point of views aka when all stakeholders don't have a technical background.


I see. It definitely makes sense. Thank you for the feedback!


I use Meister Task to manage my personal projects as well as work things. The only thing I choosed this over trello is the UI. In this website, it's very easy to find what you need and it has a pleasant UI.

I haven't used Github Projects though


Thank you for the feedback, need to check out the Meister Task...


Personally I think working with boards has its own limitations. I prefer a list and a board together to manage my project. As one of the users commented below, I've been using for a while and it really does help me with all of my projects. Actually I've known Quire because of a previous post on talking about how powerful Quire is.


In my organisation, we use CA Agile central for managing the process. It is one of the most detailed and feature rich platform for agile teams and managing Kannan boards that I know of. However, I am not a great fan of it. Personally, I would incline towards Trello


CA Agile central (their website says that it's renamed to Rally), same as Jira, looks like a very enterprise solution focusing on big teams/companies. Trello (at least its free version) is oriented on (relatively) small projects I think. They don't have features to track milestones and overall progress, for example. At least, I'm not aware of them...


I use Trello. I just like having a place to create a new board whenever I have a project idea even if there is no repo for it yet.

I got the idea from this article.


I do the same for my ideas actually, Trello really helps here, it's easy and convenient. Thank you for your opinion!


I think GitHub projects are a good choice if your project hosted on GitHub.

IMO, you can more focus.


Agree with this point. If the functionalities of GP and Trello are the same, it makes sense to keep the project's plan close to the codebase. One thing I see here is that if the repo is public and the author does not have a PRO GitHub account, then the project has to be publicly available (if I'm not wrong). But Trello allows creating private boards. This might be a benefit, I think.


I've been a Trello nerd for years. I've tried other tools and I always go back to Trello. I didn't know about GitHub Projects. Checking it out now!


Thank you for replying and feel free to share your opinion after trying GitHub Projects!


Github Projects is awesome 🀞. I shifted my workflow from trello to projects long ago.

The advantage is that your code and workflow will stay in one place. Also it's integration with github issues is just mind blowing 🀯.


My open source project is based on GitHub, and bug reports should be reported in a GitHub issue (GitHub issue templates <3). For this reason, GitHub Projects is our choice of "bug board". If bugs are collected differently, Trello might be a good choice.


I implemented Trello in my Team and everyone loved it. The simplicity and ease of use was its plus. But when you look from a Project Manager's or a Team lead's perspective who has to keep a track of each team member and each project, It was a bit tedious to achieve it in Trello. This is when we shifted to Clickup. Has everything we need, boards, lists, Team overview, projects overview. Overall a very good alternative.


Yeah, exactly. Looks like another great tool just popped up! Thank you for the feedback and let me check out the "clickup"!


I've been on and off with GitHub Projects. For me, it's missing a few features which you take for granted on Trello. Column sorting would be a really handy feature πŸ™‚

There are number of ways to manage development on GitHub, the issue tracker seems to be a go to for a lot of projects so I think Projects itself often takes a back seat.


I've been using Notion recently to manage everything in my life!


We've moved over to Notion to manage kanban boards and other project management stuff. It's awesome!


Oh, looks like one more great option! Thanks for sharing!


Sometimes my individual projects span multiple git repositories -so github projects won't work for me being tied to a single repo. Also github projects require you to add markdown yourself to do things like checklists. So I prefer trello. I can just move much faster. Still, trello isn't perfect. I'm probably going to write a new one for myself soon


Yeah, didn't think of the case with multiple repo. It definitely won't work with GitHub Projects... Maybe it makes sense to try all other options listed here in comments before writing the own one :) Thanks for the feedback!


Perhaps try gitkraken ? For those having issues tracking multiple repositories with git projects, I had a look at it today, really nice I admit. Much like trello only this time issues sync in real time. So you'd add, assign, close etc and it would be reflecting immediately with the repo


I love Trello. Tried Asana and Agile CRM but always come back to Trello. It is graphically appealing and easy to use.


Yeah, Trello is easy in use indeed. Thank you for the reply!


Working alone: KanbanFlow - because it has a pomodoro timer.
Working with people: Trello - because everyone knows it and it has apps for all platforms.


I used github projects for a while. I now use azure board and I am so far really liking it.


I think it makes sense when working in MS environment. Thank you for the feedback!


I prefer Trello over Github Projects.
Its easy to use. The best part is Trello has their android app and it becomes very easy and handy to update and check my todos, cards and everything

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