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(Another) TypeScript starter for Chrome extensions

Hi, everyone! I've recently built the small Chrome extension for LinkedIn (it's open-sourced and available on GitHub). When I just decided to make it, I took a look at available starters. I found some but they didn't fit my needs, so I configured the project from scratch. And after that, I thought that it might be useful to make a standalone starter, so I (or you) can quickly bootstrap a new Chrome extension next time. I even recorded the video with a quick overview for people who are completely new to the stack.

Here is the starter itself

GitHub logo room-js / chrome-extension-ts-starter

Chrome Extension starter built with TypeScript


It is a boilerplate for a Chrome Extension built with TypeScript and Parcel.

This starter consists of the following parts

  • Background script (vanilla TS)
  • Content script (vanilla TS)
  • Options page (Vue.js, Sass)
  • Popup page (Vue.js, Sass)
  • DevTools panel page (React.js, Styled Components)

And, of course, the ./manifest.json file describing its configuration.


  • Node.js >=12.0.0
  • NPM >= 6.0.0

Most probably it will work with earlier versions too but I didn't test it.


Jest is included and ready for the vanilla TS parts. Testing for React/Vue is not included in order to keep the Jest config clean.


  • npm run dist - build the extension into ./dist folder
  • npm run lint - ESLint for .ts and .tsx files
  • npm run test - Jest unit tests

Also, I wanted to share with you some nice stuff that I've found just yesterday. These guys at Bumble are doing a great job around Chrome extensions. Take a look at the packages they have published. You might also find them useful for building extensions.

Thanks for reading/viewing! Feel free to star the repo and follow JavaScript Room blog on Instagram.
Have a great time and stay safe!

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