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I built my first app entirely on google's project idx

I built my first app entirely on Google’s Project IDX!

Here are my key takeaways:

1/ ⚡ Speedy Development: The development process is impressively fast with a good internet connection. Definitely a game changer!

2/ ⚙️ Configuration Challenges: When adding an existing project, IDX should automatically configure system settings. For example, running dart --fix or adjusting Java versions was a bit cumbersome and took me 2 hours to sort out.

3/ 📱 Android Emulator Limitations: The provided x86 Android emulators struggle with building apps for release. Plus, I faced issues downloading the APK to my computer.

Overall, Project IDX is a promising tool with a few areas for improvement. Excited to see where it goes! 🚀

here's a link to the video i posted it on twitter/X :
here's the video

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Praveen Kumar

Hi @rono0365 Great to hear that we are on the same path. Can you post how to fix that Java version issue in IDX? That might help some.