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Some tips to improve our team work

Hi everyone, in this post I'm going to recommend some tips to improve as a real team.

Request feedback

This is important because we can improve our skills such as the tasks you've been assigned.

For example you need to create a service to create customers and send the email to them when it's created. You can get feedback of some members of our team about this feature. This shows a good impression of you, because this shows that you trust in our team.

Other examples could be that you need to do Pub/Sub service and you don't have much experience with that, so if you get feedback of some members of our team, together we can find a better solution or avoid some mistakes previously. To get feedback is important because it allows us to improve and gain confidence with our team.

Drive your team to improve

A good idea to encourage your team to improve is to do some activities to learn new things related to their jobs.

I remember that in a former job I made two activities, These activities were:

  1. Every two weeks each member must show some technologies or good practices about code or whatever they wanted to show. I liked this activity, because I learned different things that I didn't know and it was a good strategy to balance the knowledge in our team.

  2. The second activity was competitive programming. For that I created an activity in the calendar and sent the invitation to each participant. This activity didn't last too long for reasons of time but it was funny.

  3. Another activity that I saw in several companies was "Game Space", I like it very much because it allows us to meet our partners beyond the workplace.

Be nice

It's important to be nice with our partners when your are sending feedback o when You are correcting a mistake made by a colleague, if you aren't nice with our partners this could generate inconvenience with them. This is not always so easy but we can do our best. We will not always agree with the ideas of others or they will not agree with our ideas. Always remember to be nice to all of them.

These tips may be relevant or irrelevant to you, depending on your current case. The most important thing here is to create a good place to work.

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