How to save WhatsApp Status Videos

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Do you want to save WhatsApp Status Videos and Images of your friends?
Do you want to save Dual Space's WhatsApp Status Images and Videos?

Here is the solution, today I am sharing an App which will help you to Save WhatsApp Status Images and Video of Your friends. This App also supports Dual Space WhatsApp Status and WhatsApp Business Status saving. It also comes with Direct WhatsApp Chat feature means you can start a chat on WhatsApp without saving someone's contact number

The App is Status Saver Dual Space and Business Status Saver

Features Of Status Saver

  • Internal Status Viewer - You can view images and play videos inside this App, No need to visit Gallery

  • Share - You can share the status from this App to any other App

  • Manage - You can manage all your saved status (delete or repost)

  • Direct Chat - You can start direct chat on WhatsApp without saving contact number
  • How To Use

  • View the status of your friends once

  • Open IM Saver and check out the status

  • You can save statuses and also view or play them

  • Also you can share the status anywhere from IM Saver
  • WhatsApp Status Video

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