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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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Ronald Roe • Edited on

The separation of concerns in applications is intentional. I don't think most devs would have a problem with blurring the lines a bit, or further abstracting some of the lower-level minutiae, but there's a purpose behind the separation between the two. The nasty, ugly mess that PHP-based platforms became, and in some ways continue to be is a prime example. Maintaining data separate from presentation lets us not only develop each separately, but also allow some failover. The frontend doesn't care what the backend does. You can step in, completely replace the backend with an entirely different platform, and if the data looks the same, the frontend doesn't care. If you completely swap out the frontend, the backend doesn't care as long as the requests look the same.

It's fine if you want to push a new platform you've found (or made) that shakes things up a bit. That's how we innovate - by questioning what we already have. However, none of that means better paradigms suddenly become obsolete, or that this shiny new thing is necessarily better.

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Manuel Vila Author

I agree that separating the frontend and the backend is a good thing and Layr does not question this.

With Layr, the frontend and the backend can still be developed and deployed independently. You simply avoid a lot of boilerplate.