Looking for a Cloud service or product to import data from REST APIs

rommik profile image Roman Mikhailov ・1 min read

What service or product (preferably in the cloud) that you would recommend for importing data from REST APIs and sending it into a storage? If possible, this service or product should be user-friendly and configurable with minimum coding?

In a perfect world, I image an admin console where you can provide API's URL, authentication credentials, data schema, destination information (i.e MS SQL, MongoDB, or another REST API). You would be able to schedule the data import or set an event to trigger the import.


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Hmmm. Zapier comes to mind as something that may offer parts of what you are looking for.


Thank you Ben. This seems to be very close to what I need! I'll give it a try. Have you used it? Do you have an opinion about this service?


We use Zapier at work! It's pretty easy to use, but also maybe a bit expensive for what you get.

There's also If This Then That, which is a pretty direct alternative to Zapier. It's prettier + easier, but doesn't integrate with as many things.

If you have some coding skill, you might be able to make a simple bot with Glitch that did what you needed, for the cost of free!


I've used it a bit but can't give a strong opinion. It's a well-liked platform in general from what I've heard though.