Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Roman Mikhailov

I once worked for a company that required to write pseudo-code for every line of code. The team lead (web developer) justified it as "I want to read the pseudo code first before I will look at the code. Also if a project manager /director/ VP/ or CEO will want to look at the code, they can read the pseudo code and understand without knowing how to program. " We used ColdFusion at the time and were switching to ASP.NET. Some bugs that took 5 mins to fix would take 30-60 mins because I had to find the pseudo code file, read it, and document the bug fix. Of course, each developer had their own style of pseudo code. Imagine 100s of source files accompanied by 100s of text files of pseudo code. No code or peer review. What a waste of time... naturally, I didn't stay long there.

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Joey Hernández

Easily solved with a pseudo compiler, also written in pseudo code.

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Dion Cavanaugh

This is quite possibly the best advice I've seen with pseudo compilers, also written in pseudo code.