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The team at Stackery is very excited to release today! is a public tool to audit AWS CloudFormation templates against aspects of AWS' 5 Pillars of Well-Architecture Framework to help you build more secure and reliable infrastructure in the Cloud.

How it works

  1. Drop any public GitHub CloudFormation template URL into (or select "random"). image
  2. Stackery then audits and visualizes the CloudFormation template... it takes a second or 2.

Key Features

CloudFormation Visualizer
Stackery's Design Canvas helps you visualize and identify resources in your CloudFormation template. Click into any resource to see its configuration or add new resources to update your template.

Audit Results
Powered by CFN-nag, audits your template against 115 points including 46 related to IAM Policies. We also provide links to relevant materials from AWS and other serverless tutorials to help resolve the issues.

Reference Information
Documentation (pulled right from GitHub), resources in your template (like Cognito, Lambda, etc.), Audit results overview, and of course, your code!

At Stackery, we are always working to help flatten (shorten?) the learning curve for Cloud-native and Serverless applications. Tell us what you think and let us know what else you'd like to see form

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Congrats, team Stackery!

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rolldy Author

Thanks Gracie!