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Rollballers’ Hub is LIVE

Rollballers’ Hub is LIVE

Rollbar is thrilled to announce the launch of Rollballers’ Hub, an exciting new program built to reward our customers!

Sign up and complete onboarding for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset!

Joining our hub is an easy way to learn additional tips&tricks of using Rollbar, share your own best practices, mingle with other Rollballers, and shape the Rollbar product roadmap while unlocking gifts and swags for your activites.

Participate in challenges, surveys, beta programs, and other fun and exciting activities.
Earn points and badges for every activity you complete and climb the leaderboard.
Get rewards like Amazon gift cards a private user group, exclusive Rollbar swags, or even a Nintendo Switch.

Join The Hub

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