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Discussion on: Asynchronous API with DynamoDB Streams

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Rolf Streefkerk

you're missing the feedback loop here, probably adding a websocket would solve that problem.

the other option is to use an API Gateway & Lambda Async function with a websocket, from the client's perspective it's virtually the same experience.

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Vikas Solegaonkar Author • Edited

Thanks Rolf for your inputs.

Websocket with API Gateway - Lambda is async anyway. But my main concern in this application was resilience - without the client worrying about retries. Not really worried about the feedback.

The original application had Lambda picking directly from the API Gateway. It had a complex processing logic - that would often fail halfway. Error handling was messy because of this. So I moved it to this architecture where the input request is baselined in the DB - leaving the client free of any error handling responsibility.

Additionally, as the Lambda processes the request, it updates the DB record with the status. This helps it resume the processing if it errors half way. I know we can do this partly in Step functions. But the functionality is pretty complex and interwoven, so I had no option but to do it in code.

Do suggest if there is a better way to solve this problem - Resilience in Web sockets - with no retries on the client.

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Emil • Edited

I would say that depends if you need a feedback at all. Mostly cases you can return http 201 and/or refresh the page and reload you data from the backend. A websocket feedback does not make sense in my view since its way more complicated and makes it synchronous somehow. You can then check the error state then.

The approach all behind that is a Saga

Thread Thread
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Rolf Streefkerk

It does not make it synchronous, in some cases you want to inform the end-user about the status and such a websocket feedback loop makes sense.