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Glammer Open Source Edition: A Free Website Template

Hi everyone!

I know you're all (im?)patiently waiting for the return of CSS Funstuff, and trust me - it's coming! But until then, I've got something just as exciting to share with you!

A while ago, back when I was doing weekly design streams on my YouTube Channel and Twitch - why aren't you subscribed? - I did a stream where I designed a beautiful portfolio website template, called Glammer.

Unfortunately, that stream has since been lost to time and storage space 😬... but! The Glammer lives on! Over the year+ since that stream, I've been periodically working on it, adding polish and new features from time to time, developing along two pathways, and the first of those two, Glammer OSE, is finally ready to be released into its natural habitat - your hands!

Show me the goods!

Alright, alright! Calm down! Here you go!

Glammer Open Source Edition - Portfolio Page

Glammer Open Source Edition - Home Page

Glammer Open Source Edition - Contact Page

As you can see, Glammer is themeable out the box and features 4 themes (1 default and 3 custom themes). Themes are saved even when you close the tab, and require no cookies (just local storage). You can easily add your own (just take a look at the CSS for an idea of how to create and modify the existing themes).

The technical bits

Under the hood, Glammer OSE makes use of pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, leveraging CSS custom properties to keep things consistent, and make things themeable. If you're new to the web design game and looking to learn some some more tricky concepts, this template is a great example to play with and learn more.

If you have further questions about any of the technical parts of the template, you can drop me a line right here and I'd be happy to help (even write another article)!

Where can I get it?

You can grab yourself of a copy of Glammer OSE from My Gumroad Store or click here: Glammer Open Source Edition

Glammer OSE is 100% free, and once you've grabbed the template, you'll get notified of any updates or giveaways I for this template! Feel free to opt out at any time if that's not your thing.

What's Next?

Now that Glammer OSE is out the door, look forward to the beefy, robust, battle-tested Glammer Pro, which brings even greater polish and flexibility.

Glammer Pro

Glammer Pro Gallery Layout

I've added a slew of of cool features including:

  • Additional layouts.
  • Additional themes.
  • Dynamic Portfolio Page
  • Fully integrated Glammer Framework (build your own custom pages with the same CSS used in the template).
  • Full documentation including:
    • Styling guide.
    • JavaScript function guide.
    • Theme template.

Glammer Pro Documentation

Glammer Pro Long Text Layout

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