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Principles To Achieve a Better UI/UX Design

The main aim of any business is to increase its sales in order to increase its overall growth. Here, UX/UI Design plays a fundamental role in achieving this goal. UI/UX Design of your product (website, application, etc) improves the user experience and customer satisfaction. This ultimately helps increase the number of users of the specific product!

So, here are 4 Gold Principles you can implement to achieve a better UI/UX Design 😉

1. Place Users In Control
👉 Good UI/UX design help to instill a sense of "control" in their users.

👉 You can do so in the following ways:

🔷 Make actions Reversible

This means that you should always include a Redo/Undo option
🔷 Interface should be easy to navigate

Provide visual cues and add "predictability"
🔷 Feedback

Users should be able to give feedback and you should act on it!
🔷 Status

When your app is doing something, show the status of that action to the user.

2. Make your User comfortable
👉 You can do this in the following ways:

🔷 Simplification and Elimination

Just eliminate anything that is not helping your users to simplify the flow!
🔷 Never ask for already entered data again until or unless e.g you want authentication.

🔷 Use universal language and universal elements that every user can understand.

🔷 Make sure that you use things such as colors, fonts, font sizes, etc to make your design "accessible".

🔷 Add well-crafted error messages so the user understands what they did wrong.

3. Reduce cognitive load
👉 It is the amount of mental processing required to perform any task or use any product.

👉 Here's how you can reduce it:

🔷 Add info in chunks so that it is easy to process.

🔷 No of actions to perform a task should be as few as possible.

🔷 Induce visual clarity by organizing the information in a way that is easy to understand.

4. Make User Interface Consistent
👉 Consistency is the key while doing anything! It is also of extreme importance in UI/UX Design.

👉 Here's how you can do it:

🔷 There should be a specific color scheme for your product.

🔷 Add functional consistency

Any object should work similarly throughout the product.

Similar functional behavior keeps the users happy!

🔷 Don't reinvent terminologies.

Use the ones that are already familiar and within the expectations of the user.

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