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Rohan Sawant
Rohan Sawant

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The 'I think I have got the hang of it' Moment - React

I was building my first React Application this month, and I just felt like I was crawling down, deeper and deeper into the abysmal hole of despair as I tried to build things.

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My progress was excruciatingly slow, my App looked horrible and my spirits were low, I decided to take a break from React and focus on other things, AWS Services? Maybe?

After my short 'sabbatical' in which I watched several Youtube Tutorials about Javascript and React, (for the entire week) I decided to get back to the project and I now had a better grasp on things, I was able to build things way faster than before.

I now had a gently grasp on what Promises were and how they worked!

I was now able to use Material-UI Elements to submit a form properly, then I was able to fetch the data from the MongoDB Server and populate my Chart with it! This all took roughly 4-5 hours. But, I was happy with the progress I had made.

This was my I think, I have got the hang of it Moment!

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I am really curious to know if you have had a few similar ones, with React?
Do share in the comments below!

If all goes well this could be Part 1 of the I think, I have got the hang of it Series!

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Peter Cruckshank

I've definitely had this moment myself too 🍻 At first React sounds easy... but then making those concepts work can be hard.
But after you start to be able to build with it, something clicks and it becomes awesome and easier 💯🎉

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Rohan Sawant Author

Yeep! The docs begin to make sense and you understand what the fuzz is about!