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Discussion on: Mistakes I made while learning Web Development as a beginner

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Rohan Hazari

Nice tips especially the break one, taking breaks really helps me a lot. I was also thinking of joining a webdev community can u suggest some communities to join? will be of great help Thanks!

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Harshit Aditya Author

Thanks a lot Rohan for finding my blog beneficial !. For Communities I dont have know a specific community who focuses only on Web Dev but I know communities which focuses on all type of Development which includes Web Dev,ML, Mobile Development etc.
The name of these communities with their invite link are:
MichiSpotlight: (
OpinCo Community: (
EddieHub: (
and you can also join Twitter. There are many web devlopers on Twitter from whom you can learn a lot of new things ✨. Twiiter is highly recommeded from my side 💯. I hope this helps 😀.