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Discussion on: Trying out the Pinebook Pro - a $200 ARM Laptop

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Rohan Mishra • Edited on

I currently use a HP Stream 14 w/ manjaro for daily purposes. My "daily driver" laptop is almost 10 years old at this point and while still performs OK-ish, it is literally breaking apart and held together by tape. The battery life is just enough to get from one plug point to another.

My main complain with Stream 14 is that it always just misses the mark by a bit. In the maybe a refreshed version with slightly better processor would've made it territory. That said it works well for basic tasks. I'm writing this on the stream, it has nice keyboard. My current website is mostly done on this laptop. VSC lags a bit sometimes and I work with a reduced set of plugins compared to what I have on my other laptop but it ain't bad.

The ARM part might be a hurdle but looks like performance wise this wouldve been a good choice.