What's the oldest code you have?

Roger Zanoni on March 18, 2020

Some time ago a friend sent me a backup of our code from when we were starting to learn pascal. It was very nice to see some of my first attempts a... [Read Full]
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Not stored per se, but the oldest copy of my first website in the Internet Archive contains this code...

  This website is currently not in service.  Email Benjihalpern@yahoo.ca if you have any questions.

I might have something in the internet archive as well, I tried to start a blog that didn't last long, I'll try to find it


Oldest thing I can remember writing was a guessing game in BASIC for the ZX Spectrum 48K back in 1983 when I was 7 years old. You had to guess who would win in a fight between Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman. If I remember correctly it was always Superman! Pretty simple stuff, but it started me onto the path of being a fully self taught developer.


Nice! The first I can remember is also a basic program, I was trying to do a countdown for a rocket launch (just counting from 10 to 0) and trying to make the lines stay in the screen for 1 sec by doing empty loops on a CP-500 (I think I was around 11 years old, a teacher where I was studying made a "computer lab" out of some old machines and was teaching us how to code).


Although I don't technically have the original code any more my first program was on a BBC micro in the early 80s and was basically copied by hand out the Usborne book "Write Your Own Fantasy Games For Your Microcomputer". I was pleasantly surprised to find that Usborne have released all these 1980s books as free PDFs (link to PDF for those interested). Maybe a new project for me to recreate this!


I like the approach of making games to learn how to code, when I decided to learn some lisp I went with Land of Lisp(never finished it, but I'd like to get back to it). I might give the book you mentioned a try as well, it looks like a gem


Your start was pretty good! Mine is a (very) unfinished text based game written in C around 2012 during my IT bacharelor. A bit before I joined the world of front end. I've never liked that much of C and since then I never did any other thing in this language. But I have the source in my GDrive and from time to time I take a look, although I can't understand anything is going on there anymore lol


I also didn't try to understand this hanoi impl I posted :P and I had to indent this code sample from the post, because the original was madness


i once inherited one project which was made of :
A part in C from 1994 ... i was 10 yo when it was written ><
A part in webdev 1.0 from 2001

You can imagine my relief when i passed it along whithout the need of maintaining it :-D

Fun fact : on modern OS i never managed to build the entire thing.


I can imagine, I worked with some legacy code around 2010 that was compiling by some miracle back then and I can't imagine it compiling in any modern os today


Oldest code I might still have would be from when I was in school 15 or so years ago. The oldest thing I remember writing was some LOGO and BASIC on the C64 when I was a wee lad in the mid 80s.


My oldest code is Hello World in C++ 😂😂


That I can easily find I think some C# code from 2004 but I think somewhere there's earlier Delphi code on some disk 😂


I with I had saved code I made in college, I think I made a lot of stuff in C# and Java, I'll try to find some stuff I made there :)


Oldest code written or oldest in production? I have some old PHP code I first wrote in 2000-2001 in production. Oldest code would be some TRS-80 Color Computer code from the summer of '83.


My oldest code in production is maybe some finance application modules written on dataflex in my first job. I have both curiosity and fear of seeing what they look like


Cool start!
My oldest project would be an FTP server/client I made back in 2015 when starting out. I didn't get a grasp of how they work internally and made one. Now I know!


Nice! When I moved from pascal to C I also started playing around with sockets and made some irc bots/mail readers, I wish I kept those sources (it was really fun to play around with this stuff)


I have a full backup of a classic ASP eCommerce app that I worked on in 2001. The sad part is the huge pieces of this code is still in production.


I think some code I wrote around 2006 is still in production as well -_-

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