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Adding the loading component (spinner) to an Angular application


Angular is a development platform for building WEB, mobile and desktop applications using HTML, CSS and TypeScript (JavaScript). Currently, Angular is at version 15 and Google is the main maintainer of the project.

ngx-spinner is a loading (spinner) component library with more than 50 different types.


Before you start, you need to install and configure the tools:

Getting started

Create the Angular application

1. Let's create the application with the Angular base structure using the @angular/cli with the route file and the SCSS style format.

ng new angular-spinner
? Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes
? Which stylesheet format would you like to use? SCSS   [                ]
CREATE angular-spinner/ (1060 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/.editorconfig (274 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/.gitignore (604 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/angular.json (3261 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/package.json (1077 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/tsconfig.json (783 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/.browserslistrc (703 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/karma.conf.js (1432 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/ (287 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/tsconfig.spec.json (333 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/favicon.ico (948 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/index.html (300 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/main.ts (372 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/polyfills.ts (2820 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/styles.scss (80 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/test.ts (788 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/assets/.gitkeep (0 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/environments/ (51 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/environments/environment.ts (658 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/app/app-routing.module.ts (245 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/app/app.module.ts (393 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/app/app.component.scss (0 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/app/app.component.html (24617 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/app/app.component.spec.ts (1100 bytes)
CREATE angular-spinner/src/app/app.component.ts (220 bytes)
βœ” Packages installed successfully.
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2. Install and configure the Bootstrap CSS framework. Do steps 2 and 3 of the post Adding the Bootstrap CSS framework to an Angular application.

3. Install the ngx-spinner library.

npm install ngx-spinner
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4. Import the BrowserAnimationsModule, FormsModule and NgxSpinnerModule modules. Configure the log settings. Change the app.module.ts file and add the lines as below.

import { FormsModule } from '@angular/forms';
import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';
import { NgxSpinnerModule } from 'ngx-spinner';

imports: [
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5. Remove the content of the AppComponent class from the src/app/app.component.ts file. Import the NgxSpinnerService service and create the showSpinner method as below.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NgxSpinnerService } from 'ngx-spinner';

  selector: 'app-root',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./app.component.scss'],
export class AppComponent {

  typeSelected: string;

  constructor(private spinnerService: NgxSpinnerService) {
    this.typeSelected = 'ball-fussion';

  public showSpinner(): void {;

    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 5000); // 5 seconds

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6. Remove the contents of the src/app/app.component.html file. Add the ngx-spinner component and the spinners options as below.

<div class="container-fluid py-3">
  <h1>Angular Spinner</h1>

  <div class="d-grid gap-2 col-4 mt-4 mx-auto">
    <select name="type" #type="ngModel" [(ngModel)]="typeSelected" required []="type.invalid && (type.dirty || type.touched)" class="form-select form-select-sm">
      <option value="ball-8bits">Ball 8bits</option>
      <option value="ball-atom">Ball Atom</option>
      <option value="ball-beat">Ball Beat</option>
      <option value="ball-circus">Ball Circus</option>
      <option value="ball-climbing-dot">Ball Climbing Dot</option>
      <option value="ball-clip-rotate">Ball Clip Rotate</option>
      <option value="ball-clip-rotate-multiple">Ball Clip Rotate Multiple</option>
      <option value="ball-clip-rotate-pulse">Ball Clip Rotate Pulse</option>
      <option value="ball-elastic-dots">Ball Elastic Dots</option>
      <option value="ball-fall">Ball Fall</option>
      <option value="ball-fussion">Ball Fussion</option>
      <option value="ball-grid-beat">Ball Grid Beat</option>
      <option value="ball-grid-pulse">Ball Grid Pulse</option>
      <option value="ball-newton-cradle">Ball Newton Cradle</option>
      <option value="ball-pulse">Ball Pulse</option>
      <option value="ball-pulse-rise">Ball Pulse Rise</option>
      <option value="ball-pulse-sync">Ball Pulse Sync</option>
      <option value="ball-rotate">Ball Rotate</option>
      <option value="ball-running-dots">Ball Running Dots</option>
      <option value="ball-scale">Ball Scale</option>
      <option value="ball-scale-multiple">Ball Scale Multiple</option>
      <option value="ball-scale-pulse">Ball Scale Pulse</option>
      <option value="ball-scale-ripple">Ball Scale Ripple</option>
      <option value="ball-scale-ripple-multiple">Ball Scale Ripple Multiple</option>
      <option value="ball-spin">Ball Spin</option>
      <option value="ball-spin-clockwise">Ball Spin Clockwise</option>
      <option value="ball-spin-clockwise-fade">Ball Spin Clockwise Fade</option>
      <option value="ball-spin-clockwise-fade-rotating">Ball Spin Clockwise Fade Rotating</option>
      <option value="ball-spin-fade">Ball Spin Fade</option>
      <option value="ball-spin-fade-rotating">Ball Spin Fade Rotating</option>
      <option value="ball-spin-rotate">Ball Spin Rotate</option>
      <option value="ball-square-clockwise-spin">Ball Square Clockwise Spin</option>
      <option value="ball-square-spin">Ball Square Spin</option>
      <option value="ball-triangle-path">Ball Triangle Path</option>
      <option value="ball-zig-zag">Ball Zig Zag</option>
      <option value="ball-zig-zag-deflect">Ball Zig Zag Deflect</option>
      <option value="cog">Cog</option>
      <option value="cube-transition">Cube Transition</option>
      <option value="fire">Fire</option>
      <option value="line-scale">Line Scale</option>
      <option value="line-scale-party">Line Scale Party</option>
      <option value="line-scale-pulse-out">Line Scale Pulse Out</option>
      <option value="line-scale-pulse-out-rapid">Line Scale Pulse Out Rapid</option>
      <option value="line-spin-clockwise-fade">Line Spin Clockwise Fade</option>
      <option value="line-spin-clockwise-fade-rotating">Line Spin Clockwise Fade Rotating</option>
      <option value="line-spin-fade">Line Spin Fade</option>
      <option value="line-spin-fade-rotating">Line Spin Fade Rotating</option>
      <option value="pacman">Pacman</option>
      <option value="square-jelly-box">Square Jelly Box</option>
      <option value="square-loader">Square Loader</option>
      <option value="square-spin">Square Spin</option>
      <option value="timer">Timer</option>
      <option value="triangle-skew-spin">Triangle Skew Spin</option>
    <div *ngIf="type.invalid && (type.dirty || type.touched)" class="invalid-feedback">
      <div *ngIf="type.errors?.required">This field is required.</div>
    <button type="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-primary" (click)="showSpinner()">Show Spinner</button>

<ngx-spinner size="medium" [type]="typeSelected"></ngx-spinner>
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7. Run the application with the command below.

npm start

> angular-spinner@1.0.0 start
> ng serve

βœ” Browser application bundle generation complete.

Initial Chunk Files | Names         |      Size
vendor.js           | vendor        |   2.79 MB
styles.css          | styles        | 266.58 kB
polyfills.js        | polyfills     | 128.51 kB
scripts.js          | scripts       |  76.67 kB
main.js             | main          |  11.04 kB
runtime.js          | runtime       |   6.63 kB

                    | Initial Total |   3.27 MB

Build at: 2021-09-07T01:43:42.126Z - Hash: 52e507be2073bee125a1 - Time: 5289ms

** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **

βœ” Compiled successfully.
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8. Ready! Access the URL http://localhost:4200/ and check if the application is working. See the application working on GitHub Pages and Stackblitz.

Angular Spinner

The application repository is available at

This tutorial was posted on my blog in portuguese.

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