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Discussion on: Can an AI system be considered an inventor?

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Rodion Gorkovenko

Sorry for confusion - I got it. They hide an article if I use browser in incognito mode (which I usually do to reduce annoying ads). So for most people all should be good.

(honestly, I'm not sure bloomberg allows copying articles - but this seems unnecessary now)

As of original question - the article seems to point that "Rao said. “It can’t in the traditional way we view invention.”"

And that's all. Nowadays AI haven't become much smarter than 20-30 years ago. We developed new math/statistics methods which allow building better recommenders, predictors etc. We have more memory in our machines and can program more complicated things, solve more complicated games for example. But still it looks we have no better understanding about how machine should work to do some "creative" stuff.

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Ashleigh Roberts Author

We seem to have crossed relpies there haha

Those were my thoughts also