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Rodion Chachura
Rodion Chachura

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How To Make Emoji Input Menu React Component with Emoji Mart

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Let me share a reusable React component for choosing an emoji. That's how I use it in my app at to assign an emoji to a project.


The EmojiInput component receives only two properties:

  • value - selected emoji
  • onChange - a function that is called when the value changes
import { Spinner } from "lib/ui/Spinner"
import { HStack } from "lib/ui/Stack"
import { centerContentCSS } from "lib/ui/utils/centerContentCSS"
import { Suspense, lazy } from "react"
import styled from "styled-components"
import { ExpandableInputOpener } from "../ExpandableInputOpener"
import { Menu } from "lib/ui/Menu"
import { Text } from "lib/ui/Text"
import { InputProps } from "lib/shared/props"

const EmojiPicker = lazy(() => import("./EmojiPicker"))

interface EmojiInputProps extends InputProps<string> {}

const EmojiMartFallback = styled.div`
  width: 352px;
  height: 435px;

export const EmojiInput = ({ value, onChange }: EmojiInputProps) => {
  return (
      title="Select an emoji"
      renderOpener={(props) => (
        <ExpandableInputOpener type="button" {...props}>
          <Text color="contrast" size={32}>
      renderContent={({ onClose }) => (
              <HStack gap={4} alignItems="center">
                <Spinner />
                <Text>Loading emoji picker</Text>
            onSelect={(value) => {
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To show a responsive menu that becomes a slideover on mobile we rely on the Menu component, you can learn more about it in this article. For a button that opens the menu, we use the ExpandableInputOpener component.

import styled from "styled-components"
import { defaultTransitionCSS } from "ui/animations/transitions"
import { defaultBorderRadiusCSS } from "ui/borderRadius"
import { inputDefaultHeight } from "ui/Input/helpers/getInputShapeCSS"
import { getColor } from "ui/theme/getters"
import { centerContentCSS } from "ui/utils/centerContentCSS"
import { getSameDimensionsCSS } from "ui/utils/getSameDimensionsCSS"

import { UnstyledButton } from "./UnstyledButton"

export const ExpandableInputOpener = styled(UnstyledButton)`


  background: ${getColor("backgroundGlass")};

  :hover {
    background: ${getColor("backgroundGlass2")};
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The EmojiPicker component is a wrapper around the emoji-mart library, and we don't want to include this library in the bundle, and rather lazy load it when needed. That's why we use the lazy function and the Suspense component from React.

import data from "@emoji-mart/data"
import Picker from "@emoji-mart/react"
import { SelectableComponentProps } from "lib/shared/props"
import { useTheme } from "styled-components"

const EmojiPicker = ({ onSelect }: SelectableComponentProps<string>) => {
  const { name } = useTheme()

  return (
      onEmojiSelect={(emoji: any) => {
        if (!emoji?.native) return


export default EmojiPicker
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