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Incidences App

Overview of My Submission

Incidences app, is an application built in flutter with a responsive design, the construction of this app was for those incidents that come to occur at work, offices, even in specific areas of a company or business. many times we have to solve them ourselves, or simply let them pass. Incidence app allows us to report incidents or incidences, at work, so that a supervisor can review and resolve them, also has an administrator to create, update and reopen an incidence, allows you to create areas and users and edit them.

  • clean architecture
  • MVVM
  • Responsive (mobile and web)
  • internationalization (es-en)

Submission Category:

Web2 Wizards, Mobile Moguls.

Link to Code

admin code
employe code
supervisor code

Additional Resources / Info

open source projects used

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