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Discussion on: The Complete Guide to Full Stack Web3 Development

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Rod O

Deploying to Polygon
I had problems in the step deploying to Polygon

I requested 1 MATIC from Faucet
In metamask I would see .5 MATIC
I'd start but I would get "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS"
In metamask I would see 0.079 MATIC now
Refresh and I'd see 0 MATIC
At this point I don't understand:
1) Why don't I see ~1 MATIC show after requesting it.
2) If my network didn't start, why does the MATIC disappear from my test account.

I repeated this several times, then eventually I was successful starting - I think the only thing different is I started it up immediately after receiving the .5 MATIC -- and now I see 0.473 MATIC in my account - and it doesn't disappear when I refresh.

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Rod O

Guessing that this address is shared, probably by anyone who is using this tutorial - and others have left something running so they chew up the MATIC's from the account. Still don't really understand why 1 is requested and .5 goes to the wallet.