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How to know which Linux distros are the most used

As we all know there are hundreds of different Linux distributions, we call these distributions “distros”, they are variations of larger Linux OS like Debian, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.

But which of these distros are the most used?

It is not easy to know. Until now I have always read that it could be seen on A very important website with a lot of information about the world of Linux, in addition to being a very old page.

But the TOP Linux OS that they do there, that is, the top of the most popular ones, is very badly done, it doesn't make any sense.
Because they measure the popularity according to the number of visits received by the DistroWatch page of each Linux OS, so it turns out that some distros that are not used by anyone, some months are the first in the TOP.

And in my search for information about a page that orders the Linux OS, I found one that does so based on the visits received by the official web pages of each linux project, without this being the panacea, it seems to me that a much more realistic ranking.

The website is this:

Top Operating Systems Linux and BSD - TOPLINUX

Red Hat (Enterprise) Linux Guix System (previously GuixSD) Kali Linux (formerly BackTrack) Debian (formerly Debian GNU/Linux) deepin (formerly Deepin, before Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) KDE neon Fedora Project Ubuntu Kylin (formerly UbuntuKylin) openSUSE (formerly SUSE Linux) Gentoo Linux TurnKey Linux Android-x86 Alpine Linux pfSense CloudReady Parrot (formerly Parrot Security OS) EndeavourOS Untangle NG Firewall (formerly


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