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Robin van der Knaap
Robin van der Knaap

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Presenting iDeal.NET

iDeal is the leading online payment platform in the Netherlands. Last year when working on I had to create an API to interact with our iDeal provider (Rabobank) to handle all online payments. I noticed that a lot of examples existed out there especially for PHP, but nothing really usable for the .NET ecosystem. So I decided to open source the API on GitHub and call it iDeal.NET. The API takes care of all communications with the iDeal provider and is easily integrated into a .NET (web)application.

Supported iDeal versions

iDeal.NET is aimed at iDeal Professional (Rabobank), iDeal Zelfbouw (ABN Amro), iDeal Integrated and iDeal Advanced (ING Bank). These versions allow for real-time feedback on transactions.

iDeal.NET does not yet support iDeal Basic (ING Bank), iDeal Hosted , iDeal Lite (Rabobank) and iDeal Zakelijk which are easily implemented in applications but do not allow for real-time feedback on transactions.

Source, samples and documentation

The source code is hosted on GitHub, this is where you also find the documentation. The solution includes a sample ASP.NET MVC application which shows the basis usage of iDeal.NET. The sample application uses to simulate the entire process of paying and retrieving status of payments. A live version of the example can be found here.


Implementation of iDeal is basically about three types of requests: directory requests, transaction requests and status requests. iDeal.NET provides an easy to use API to send the requests and handle the responses.

A directory request for example, which retrieves a list of bank (issuers), is as easy as:

You can find detailed information about the usage of the API on GitHub


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